Aberdeen Western Peripheral Route, Balmedie to Tipperty Project: FOI release

  1. How much is a landowner paid per acre to compensate for land purchased by compulsory purchase order and how is that calculated?2.
  2. Is this the same in England and Wales?
  3. Also, what (and how many) farm specific constructions will have to be built to accommodate the bypass (e.g. underpasses etc)? Can I get costings of each of these and their locations as well please?
  4. How many submissions have been made by farmers/landowners for further constructions that are not currently in the plans?
  5. Have any measures been put in place specifically for the safety of wildlife such as badger tunnels and squirrel bridges?
  6. What measures have been put in place to prevent livestock from getting on to the road?

The term "Constructions" was then clarified to mean bridges or overpasses.

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