Aberdeen Western Peripheral Route: capital costs and expenditure: EIR release

On 12 December 2014, Transport Scotland issued a press notice (attached) which confirmed that the overall estimated costs of the Aberdeen Western Peripheral Route (AWPR) were £745m.

In that press release, Transport Scotland said in its notes to editors (4) that the £745m sum included "public sector costs such as preparation costs, surveys, land and advance works".

Please provide a full breakdown of all those costs, specifying:

a. the sums involved for each of the areas identified in that note to editors, i.e. land acquisition, surveys, preparation costs and so on, including specifying what that expenditure was for. For instance, how much land and where, and what preparation and advance works.

b. which public sector body was responsible for meeting those costs

c. the dates for each area of expenditure

d. please also confirm whether or not that £745m includes the £472m capital cost of construction mentioned in the press notice. If that the case, this request is seeking information about the exact purpose and funding of the remaining £273m in spending.

Full response and associated documentation available at: