Aberdeen Western Peripheral Route: EIR release (1)

1. The volume of fuel, broken down into both petrol and diesel, has gone missing from AWPR sites since the start of the project.

2. The total estimated cost of the missing fuel, broken down into petrol and diesel during the same time frame?

3. Are there any security measures to prevent people stealing fuel from the AWPR site to use for non-Transport Scotland purposes, and if so, what are they?

4. How long have each of those security measures been in place?

5. Has an investigator or an investigative team been told in to look into claims that hundreds of thousands of pounds worth of fuel have been stolen from the AWPR project?

6. Finally, could you please tell me the total fuel stocks on the AWPR, broken down into both petrol and diesel, for each month since the start of 2016 up to and including the date of the receipt of this email?

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