Aberdeen Western Peripheral Route safety and condition of cycle path: EIR release

Query 1: Has the new cycle path been audited against Transport Scotland’s document ‘Cycling by Design’?
The road safety report commissioned by Transport Scotland (SPA Ref No: 4021) concerning the new South Kingswells roundabout and associated roads Aberdeen makes no reference to Transport Scotland’s document ‘Cycling by Design’.

Query 2: Considering dirt paths being created by cyclists, can these be properly tar surfaced?
The dirt paths are bumpy which slow down cyclists leading to condition described in query 3.

Query 3: Has a risk assessment been completed for not making any improvements in the short and long term?
Cyclists are regularly using the A944 instead of the cycle path to have a smoother and more efficient commute to/from Westhill, this increases the risk of dangerous collisions, driver frustration and general abuse toward cyclists even though it is perfectly legal for cyclist to use the carriageway.

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