Accident on A83: incident report and view call log: FOI release

1. The relevant Accident Book/Log Book entry;

2. Other entries in the book, or other Accident/Log Book relating to accidents or injuries similar to those suffered by our client, on this stretch of the road, (and, if it is contended there are no such entries, please confirm that we may have facilities to inspect all accident books);

3. First Aider or similar report;

4. Foreman/Supervisor Accident/Log Report;

5. All reports, conclusions or recommendations following any enquiry or investigation into the accident;

6. Any photographs relating in any way to the accident;

7. Any records, reports, call logs or documented information relating to any calls of complaint about the road.

8. Any records or reports documenting the Police/Traffic Scotland attending to this incident.’

To which you clarified the location on 10 August;


Full response and associated documentation available at: