Accident statistics for junction of Southern Upland Way and A1: EIR release

Information requested

Information in relation to the A1, North of Grantshouse:

"I would like to know how many accidents have occurred at and around this Junction in the past 10 years. I would also like to know the cause of these accidents. Finally I would like to know the status of the drainage on this section of the highway and also what maintenance and flood preventative works have been implemented too."

"With regards to the status of the drainage I wish to know have the drains been cleared on a regular basis and if they have been cleared, have they been blocked or not fulfilling their requirement?"

"With regards to the maintenance and flood preventative works, I would like information covering the last 10 years. I'd also like to add another question too which is there any surface water issues that have been made apparent on this section of the highway in the past 10 years?"

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