Accidents, incidents reported on 39 Transport Scotland projects: EIR release

Reported (a) accidents and (b) incidents, broken down by:

  • near miss
  • undesired circumstance reported on the following projects.

We asked you to clarify your request on 16 July for timescales of the requested information and a definition of accidents, incidents and undersirable circumstances and to provide examples.

You clarified on 16 July with the following;

Timescales: years 2008 – 2018, information broken down by year.

  • Accident: any unplanned event that resulted in injury or ill health of people, or damage or loss to property, plant, materials or the environment or a loss of business opportunity.
  • Incident: a work-related event(s) in which an injury or ill health (regardless of severity) or fatality occurred, or could have occurred.
  • Undesirable circumstance: a set of conditions or circumstances that have the potential to cause injury or ill health.

Full response and associated documentation available at: