Additional funding to Abellio ScotRail and Caledonian Sleeper: FOI release

You asked:

On Friday the 18th of September it was announced the Scottish government would transfer an additional £100 million to Abellio for phase two of the E.M.A , running to January 2020.

This is on top of the £230 million given in phase one which lasted for six months.

You specifically asked for the following information:

1) Is this money coming from the franchise agreement or additional funding?
2) What is the purpose of this additional funding?
3) To date, how much has Abellio ScotRail received in taxpayer money since Abellio were given the franchise?
4) What is the current position of Abellio in relation to Scotland's railway service?
5) Is the network rail and ScotRail alliance still active?
6) Is there any threat of compulsory redundancies within the daily industry in Scotland
7) Is the Scottish government happy with the Covid 19 control measures carried out by Abellio for theprotection of staff and passengers?

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Published Date 6 Nov 2020 Subject Mode of transport