Average speed camera devices on the A9: EIR release

Can you advise me of the following information relating to the A9 Average Speed Cameras:

  1. Is each monitored segment between adjacent cameras (i.e. Camera 1 to Camera 2, Camera 2 to Camera 3, etc) or are some segments a span of greater length (i.e. Camera 1 to Camera 4 or 5 etc).
  2. Communication - clearly each camera station has to communicate back to a central server in order to compare passing times. Is this communication by fixed landline (copper or fibre) or is a radio link used, such as GSM or a satellite link?
  3. Field of view - What is the camera field of view angle?
  4. Ancillary Equipment - What ancillary equipment is installed in addition to the main camera? I.e. Lighting, other sensors etc. For this equipment, what is the power and frequency of any emissions?
  5. Parallel routes - If a motorist passes a camera, leaves the A9 onto a parallel route and re-joins the A9 at a later stage, and in that time completes the distance in such a time as to have a calculated average speed in excess of 60mph, how can it be proven where the offence occurred?
  6. Dual Carriageway - Are there plans to monitor the dual carriageway sections, existing and/or future, with average speed cameras?

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Published Date 6 Nov 2017 Subject Mode of transport