Breakdown of active travel routes funding: FOI release

Information requested

Please can you advise how many miles of new active travel paths have been delivered across Scotland and how much this has cost in the last 5 years? Can you break this down by returns from local authorities to see which areas are delivering more routes?

Can you also please advise what funding e.g. through Sustrans, is being used by local authorities to help deliver these projects?

I’m looking to get a general sense of how much annual investment is delivering in terms of tangible output to the local and national networks, and where it’s working best and worst across the country. I’m also trying to get a sense of how much is tied up in pipelines and understand the delivery timescale for turnaround on projects.

Appreciate that each project will have specific costs and peculiarities but just looking for the aggregated headline figures nationally and per local authority in the first instance.

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Published Date 1 Dec 2021 Topic