Breakdown of traffic on A78: EIR release

Information requested

1. Which is the most recent report/s completed on the level of traffic on the A78? How can I access it/them online?

2. When was the study leading to that/those report undertaken? How can I access that/those online?

3. How were the decisions on any traffic control measures taken, by whom and when? Can I access the meeting report online?

4. What plans are there to improve traffic control on the part of the A78 which runs through Seamill and West Kilbride (a) in the immediate future? and (b) in the long term?

5. How much does a solar powered traffic sign cost?

6. How much does it cost to have a permanent speed camera installed and monitored?

7. How regular are Police Scotland mobile camera speed monitoring events on the A78 through Seamill and West Kilbride?

8. Why are there no regular mobile speed camera sites on this part of the A78, when the next village along has three?

9. Why is there not a solar powered traffic sign on the side of the road which carries traffic through Seamill and West Kilbride towards Ardrossan?

10. What dates have been set for the installation of pedestrian crossing islands in Seamill and West Kilbride?

11. What dates have been set for moving the ‘end of speed limit’ sign further along Ardrossan Road towards Ardrossan?

12. Are there any plans to monitor the amount of traffic using the A78 through Seamill & West Kilbride now that lockdown has ended?

13. What are the contents of the recent Tracsis survey conducted on Ardrossan Road, Seamill?

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