Breakdown of traffic on A8 Greenock: EIR release

Information requested

Traffic data information for the East Hamilton Street, A8 Greenock. This information is required for looking into Air Quality in the local area.

On 18 February you further clarified that you required the following information:

1. The total count of traffic on the Greenock A8 road from the period Jan- Dec 2019 and the total count of traffic for the period of Jan-Dec 2020.

2. The weekly traffic count for the 25th March – 1st April 2019 and 25th March -1st April 2020.

3. The type of traffic on this road for the year of 2020.

4. The type of traffic on the road for December 2020. I would be interested to see if you had any data available for specific traffic type for period 24th- 29th December 2020.

I’m particularly focused on East Hamilton Street as that is where our air quality monitoring machine is located. The stretch of road between Rue End Street and Greenock Road.

Full response and associated documentation available at:

Published Date 23 Mar 2021 Subject Mode of transport