Carlisle Road, Lanark - ownership and maintanence: EIR release

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i. "Please confirm that ownership of the subjects at Carlisle Road, Lesmahagow, Lanark is held by Scottish Ministers, as per the enclosed Title Sheet and Plan

ii. Please confirm whether or not there is a duty to inspect the area at Carlisle Road.

iii. Please confirm how often the inspections are undertaken at the property and by whom.

iv. Please supply any inspection records for the 12 months leading to 06/02/2018.

v. Please supply details of any previous complaints or incidents in the 12 months leading to 06/02/2018.

vi. Please provide any information held by the Scottish Ministers regarding the ownership and operation of the manholes situated at the above locus and within the area owned by the Scottish Ministers.

vii. Please provide any records of repairs or maintenance to the manholes situated at the locus from the 12 months leading to 06/02/2018 to present Photographs of the manhole which has been made safe are enclosed."

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Published Date 15 Nov 2019 Subject Mode of transport