ChargePlace Scotland infrastructure network: FOI release

1. What is the total cost of investment into the Scottish charging network since its creation?

2. How much of this was on actual infrastructure (chargers/cabiling etc)?

3. What is the breakdown on investment from year one until 2018 i.e. how much has been invested into the network each year to expand it.

4. How much did the Electric A9 consulting / graphic redesign cost?

5. What is the expected investment into the Electric A9 over the next 2 years?

6. What is the average downtime of rapid chargers? What is the maximum downtime to repair?

7. What measures are being out in place to make charging far for all, inclusive of owners of DC and AC charging vehicles? Given that many private firms are backing DC only meaning thousands of AC charging vehicles may get no local provision.

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Published Date 25 Jul 2018 Mode of transport