ChargePlace Scotland network: FOI release

Information requested

1. Status of each charging socket on the network during the last 6 months (May – November 2021)

2. Number of charges refused / aborted

3. Proportion of time in service,

4. Out of service and unknown status,

5. Number of reported faults

6. Time elapsed between report and verified repair

7. Number of fault repair visits.

8. Number of routine maintenance visits.

9. Number of chargers where the same faults are reported by the public on more than one occasion

10. Periods where a charger was out of service and where the next nearest charger is more than 10km (or requiring a ferry journey)

11. Number of calls to the call centre – daily breakdown of call volume

12. Frequency of calls where the response time is greater than 5 minutes (time from call inception to connection with an operator)

13. Copy of reviews / evaluations of past performance,

14. Plans and policies in place to improve and enhance reliability of the network

15. Outline operating costs of managing the network, annualised for the previous 5 years.

Full response and associated documentation available at:

Published Date 19 Jan 2022 Mode of transport