Collisions on A90 between Northwaterbridge and Stonehaven: EIR release

Information requested

Information about road traffic collisions which resulted in injury or fatalities on the A90 between Northwaterbridge and Stonehaven for the following time period 1st Jan 2000 to today (4th Feb 2021).

For each collision I would like time and date, latitude& longitude or easting & northing, Accident Severity, Accident Uid, Casualty Severity, Casualty count by category slight/serious/fatal.

I also request details of the "Moving Cursor Programmeā€¯ )The Moving Cursor Programme (MCP) is a software tool for screening accident records on the trunk road network in order to identify accident cluster sites.), particularly the documentation/process that describes what would constitute a cluster.

Full response and associated documentation available at:

Published Date 19 Mar 2021 Subject Mode of transport