Compensation for Aberdeen Western Peripheral Route and Balmedie to Tipperty: EIR release

Under the Freedom of Information (Scotland) Act 2002 (FOISA) you have asked for the following:

1. How many landowners are eligible for AWPR compensation? And also for Balmedie to Tipperty?
2. How many claims have been made to date for each scheme respectively?
3. How many claims have been lodged in the Lands Tribunal and received by Transport Scotland in respect of the AWPR?
4. What is the total value of those claims on the AWPR received prior to the deadline? And what is the total value of claims in Balmedie to Tipperty?
5. How many claims have been settled and sums agreed on full and final basis for each scheme respectively?
6. How many claims have been rejected?
7. What is the actual total sum of compensation agreed so far?
8. What was the total sum of compensation for acquisition of properties prior to the CPO being issued on the AWPR including those under Rule 5 equivalent reinstatement?
9. What is the cost of processing the claims?
10. What is the total future budgeted amount for the compensation scheme (including administration fees?
11. Has any budget been set aside for Part 1 claims to follow in the future?”

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