Concessionary travel cardholders: FOI release

1. Could you please provide detail of specific instances of engagement or communication Transport Scotland has had with cardholders regarding over-staging, correct journey recording and checking ticket destinations?

2. Perhaps Transport Scotland could give their opinion on this matter and advise if they intend any future additional action to tackle what is surely an unacceptable level of over-staging by bus companies as identified by my recent experiences with First Group?

3. Could you please provide specific detail of these posters and leaflets together with detail of when displays were last updated?

4. Perhaps Transport Scotland could comment on this lack of knowledge by staff manning a phone line specifically set up by you to deal with dedicated matters of concessionary travel abuse?

5. Could you please advise as to what the total re-imbursement amount would have been to First Glasgow had they correctly recorded the 70 journeys made by me in total and also what the over-charge is as a percentage of what the re-imbursement amount should have been.

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Published Date 6 Apr 2018 Subject