Contractors and suppliers involved with Forth Bridges Unit: EIR release

'Under the Freedom of Information act 2000, please could I request a full list of Main Contractors, Consultants/Civil Engineers, Sub-contractors and suppliers involved with your new build and roads maintenance works from your Forth Bridges Unit, South East Unit, A74(M) DBFO, North East Unit, South West Unit, North West Unit, M77 DBFO and the M80 DBFO (indicated on your Asset Management Map )

I have been advised that these detail can be found in the health & safety documents (which is required by law).

If sub-contractor/supplier details are not held by yourself in house, can you please request them from principal contractors as these as still covered under Freedom of Information as the principle contractor working on your behalf and is therefore deemed that the information they hold in relation to your works is held on your behalf.

This request has been made under advise from one of your colleagues.'

Full response and associated documentation available at:

Published Date 27 Jun 2018 Subject Projects