Cost of running Shetland/Orkney lifeline ferries: FOI release

The following information:-

  1. Is the PFI with RBS for the ferries for 25 or 30 years?
  2. Is there a mid-point review/escape clause built into the agreement?
  3. If PFI is for 25/30 years is there any provision for replacing current ferries (30 years is a very long life in modern shipping terms)?
  4. Are we correct that at the end of the PFI the ferries remain the property of RBS?
  5. How much does each ferry cost the Scottish run each year?
  6. Is amount paid in 5. above included in the annual figure put out by Scottish Govt?
  7. How much has been paid out in PFI charges to date?
  8. Who arranges/controls leasing with the operator and whaat part, if any, does the Scottish Govt. play in this?

On 24 July 2017 you clarified by e-mail exchange that you wish to know how much the Scottish Government pays out each year to run our life-line services and does that figure include the annual charge for the PFI or is that accounted for separately?

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Published Date 21 Aug 2017 Subject