COVID-19 vaccination campaign on electronic road signs: EIR release

Information requested

"The following information via a freedom of information request, thank you in advance.

  • Who co-ordinated and/or directed the advertisement campaign to ‘get COVID-19 vaccinations’ on the trunk roads and motorways electronic signs within transport Scotland?
  • Was this ‘vaccination campaign on electronic road signs’ an internal initiative or external to transport Scotland?
  • If external, who proposed this to transport Scotland?
  • Was transport Scotland funded to run this ‘vaccination campaign on electronic road signs’? If so, how much funding was received and from who?
  • How long is this ‘vaccination campaign on road electronic signs’ expected run for?
  • Does Transport Scotland have any information on how this ‘vaccination campaign on electronic road signs’ will positively impact upon the journeys and road safety of road users travelling in Scotland?
  • Will Transport Scotland continue to run advertising campaigns on their electronic road signs that have nothing to with roads, disruptions to travel or road safety conditions for travelling?"

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Published Date 2 Mar 2022 Mode of transport Topic