Current assessment of Japanese Knotweed in Benderloch: FOI release

'I understand Transport Scotland is not required to treat Japanese knotweed growing on the verges of trunk roads but does include relevant terms in its contract arrangements with trunk road operating companies. As part of their contractual duties, the operating companies are required to record all evidence of Japanese knotweed occurring within their areas of operation and to develop programmes for the control of the species.'

Above taken from a Government document

With this in mind I would appreciate sight of Bear Scotland's current assessment of the presence of Japanese Knotweed in the village of Benderloch, in particular the verges from Station Cottages South to the village speed limit sign, including the verges of the now abandoned short stretch of SUSTRANS created cycle track. I assume all the former railway line ground adjacent to the road in that area is owned by Transport Scotland? (to the end of the former cycle track only, after that I understand it is private ownership).'

Full response and associated documentation available at the link below.

Published Date 18 Jul 2017 Subject