Designation of a section of the A82 near Carr's Corner as a 30 MPH zone: EIR release

“Please will you supply background information relating to the designation of a section of the A82 near Carr's Corner, Fort William (specifically from the Mallaig roundabout northwards)  as a 30 MPH zone. I am seeking Committee reports and/or any determination to support this decision.

I am mindful of the national  guidance that requires consideration to be given to the underlying principles and key factors that should be taken into account in any decisions on local speed limits are:

  • History of collisions, including frequency, severity, types and causes;
  • Road geometry and engineering (e.g. bends, junctions, barriers); 
  • Presence of vulnerable road users; road function; existing traffic speeds; and
  • Road environment, including level of road-side development and possible impacts on residents (e.g. severance, noise, or air quality).
  • I would like to see what assessment was made in relation to this section of highway.”

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