Final Business Case for the Edinburgh Glasgow Rail Improvement project: EIR appeal

Further to you application to the Scottish Information Commissioner in relation to your request reference number FOI/19/541 for:

a) available on the Transport Scotland website is a version of the Final Business Case for the Edinburgh Glasgow Rail Improvement project, (EGIP). The version available there is dated October 2013, and notes that some of the information in the document has been removed due to the commercial sensitivity of the information involved. Due to the time which has now elapsed since the FBC was produced, however, it is difficult to envisage that the relevant information will still be commercially sensitive. Accordingly, this request is for a full, unredacted, version of the Full Business case for EGIP.

b) In common with other projects of a Public Private Partnership like nature, I take it that Network Rail will have produced detailed financial projections for the income and expenditure of EGIP through its life, (including the effect on Network Rail’s RAB), and that these projections will have been made available to Transport Scotland at about the time the contract for EGIP was signed. The second element of this FOI request is for a full copy of these projections.

Full response and associated documentation available at:

Published Date 9 Aug 2019 Subject Projects Mode of transport