Forth Road Bridge closures, further to FOI-18-03316: EIR release

Ref: FOI/18/03316

We refer to your letter dated 19 November 2018. We are grateful for your prompt response to our FOI request, but we would be grateful if you could provide some clarification to us.

We note from your letter that the Forth Road Bridge was closed to double decker buses from 8.55pm on Sunday 15 November 2015 and continued to be closed throughout the following day. We also note that you state in answer to questions 1 and 2 that the bridge was closed to high sided vehicles, vehicles with trailers etc. Can you please advise if this bridge closure was the same for these vehicles as it was for double deckers? The reason we query is that we note from your risk assessment that it would only be closed to these additional vehicles if the winds had exceeded 50mph but in answer to question 4 it is stated that gust of 48mph were recorded. If you are able to clarify these points it would be most appreciated.

Lastly, at the time in questions (November 2015) was there any warning system or other similar announcement that would automatically advise relevant or interested parties such as bus companies or haulage companies of the closure?

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