Forth Road Bridge risk assessments and suicide related questions: EIR release

1. Details of risk assessments that have been undertaken in regards to suicides and attempted suicides on the Forth Road Bridge from 1999 to date.

2. Details of installations, maintenance repairs and alterations that have been undertaken to the Forth Road Bridge since 1 September 1999 in relation to or in response to suicides or attempted suicides.

3. Reporting of suicides that have taken place on the Forth Road Bridge from 1 September 1999 to present, and, if possible, details about the decrease in suicides since prevention measures were brought in.

4. Minutes of meetings where suicide prevention on the Forth Road Bridge was discussed and/or decided on from 1 September 1999 to date.

5. Your code of practice and/or policies for dealing with suicide attempts from the Forth Road Bridge at present.

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