Gaelic bilingual road signs on roads leading to ferry ports: EIR release

With reference to the introduction of Gaelic bilingual road signs on A82 and other trunk roads leading to ferry ports.

  • Please provide details of all complaints received by Transport Scotland relating to the signs since their introduction began in 2002.
  • The date on which each complaint was received.
  • A summary of each complaint and a copy of the Transport Scotland response.
  • The location of the complainants, e.g. Fort William, Oban etc. 
  • Please indicate whether the Scottish Government provided any funding to be used solely for the provision of the bilingual signs.

In 2009 the then Transport Minister Stewart Stevenson called a halt on the signs pending a review.

Please indicate the cost of the Transport Research Laboratory report and whether Transport Scotland met all the costs

Full response and associated documentation available at:

Published Date 20 Feb 2019 Subject Mode of transport