Glasgow Prestwick Airport meeting notes and briefing papers: FOI release

2) Please release every document cited in the "extract document" in full. It is impossible to understand the wider context or significance of the partial disclosures you have made without seeing the full documents, or to judge whether you have fully disclosed relevant information.

I am not satisfied that the extract document provides a full and accurate release of all documents and material which mentions Trump Turnberry and the Trump Organization, and its executives, and GPA or the Prestwick space port.

It is very unusual to release partial extracts.

For instance, you offer an "Extract from briefing to the Minister for Transport and the Islands 'Glasgow Prestwick Airport – Transport Scotland meeting – 9 June 2016 – note and presentation slides' – dated 7 June 2016" which appears to be:

The Trump organisation also base a helicopter at the airport and Trump's aircraft are handled by Prestwick FBO when he is in Scotland.

Yet you have not made clear whether that extract is the only reference in either the notes or presentation slides. As above, I request that both these documents (the notes and slides) are released in full.

5) There is an email from Gary Cox at Transport Scotland date 9 June 2015 to Iain Cochrane at GPA on a briefing paper he was preparing for Keith Brown for a Scottish parliament committee meeting on 17 June 2015 – please provide that briefing paper.

That email also states "there is much we can recycle from last time". If that is a reference to another briefing paper for a minister on Prestwick which mentions Donald Trump, Trump Turnberry or the Trump Organization, please release it.

Full response and associated documentation available at:

Published Date 26 Oct 2017 Subject Mode of transport