Impact on Cultural Heritage of proposed Violet Route on A96: EIR release

Information requested

1) “…all and any information, minutes of meetings, emails, reports, dated correspondence etc that you have in relation to consideration of the direct and indirect impacts of the Violet route option for the proposed A96 East of Huntly to Aberdeen dualling project on the Cultural Heritage and sensitivity of the receiving areas, including but not limited to the Harlaw Battle Field, the Barra Battle Field, Keithhall Designed Landscape, the road to the Battlefield that crosses Selbie Hill, Selbie Hill, Selbie Cairn, Bourtie House, Balbithan House, the long distance view from Keithhall Designed Landscape towards Selbie Hill and vice versa and the long distance view from Bennachie to Selbie Hill and vice versa..”

2) evidence of how the consideration of the ‘sensitivity of the receiving area’ as required by the new guidance and as indicated in the minutes referred to above, has affected the assessment of both the direct and indirect impact of the proposed Violet route on the Cultural Heritage throughout its route.”

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Published Date 18 Nov 2020 Projects Mode of transport