Incident on A85 Perth to Crieff Road: FOI release

Incident on 6 June 2017.

Locus: A85 Perth to Crieff Road approximately 2 miles east of Gilmerton.

  1. Any details held by you relative to this incident, whether this be accident report investigative documentation or correspondence between you and a third party regarding the incident.
  2. Details of any remedial action which you provided following the incident.
  3. Details of any complaints made to you by third parties (including members of the public or other bodies) in relation to the A85 between Perth and Crieff for the period 1st January 2010 to present date.
  4. Details of any inspections carried out by your officers of the A85 from Perth to Crieff carried out between 1st January 2010 to present date.
  5. Details of any defects noted during those inspections.
  6. Details of any remedial action or correspondence to third parties requesting remedial action following those inspections.
  7. Details of any policy documents which you may hold relative to maintenance of trees/overhanging trees adjacent to the carriageway within your jurisdiction.
  8. Any other documentation which you hold which is relevant to the above incident, or to any aftermath of the incident.'

Full response and associated documentation available at: