Information of changes to Polmont and Linlithgow trainlines: EIR release

1. “Explain why the removal of the 19:26 from Queen Street to Anniesland has continued to receive so much focus in meetings between Transport Scotland. Downgrade of Polmont, Camelon and Linlithgow hasn’t even been mentioned in one years worth of meetings, where it appears the introduction of the December timetable was discussed only once, in a very self-congratulatory way, with no mention at all of any stations or travellers being impacted by disbenefits to be experienced”. 

2. “Provide details of all meetings that took place to discuss this removal and how stakeholders (including affected travellers) were engaged, particularly once the decision to downgrade the stations and remove services was taken”.
3. “When the Cabinet Secretary or the former Minister for Transport, Humza Yousaf were made aware of the planned changes and how it responded to ScotRail/ Transport Scotland and how and when communicated with affected colleagues given them a chance to challenge the decision”.

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Published Date 24 Apr 2019 Subject Mode of transport