Information regarding Cross border bus services, routes and concessions: FOI release

1. A list of all bus routes in Scotland that cross the border in to England (including the route number and where it goes to and from and the bus operator who runs it).

2. For each route please advise if it is a commercial service or if it is a council contract (and if so please advise which council(s) funds it).

3. For each route please list all local authorities that the route passes through (in both Scotland and in England as well).

4. For each and every cross border bus route can you please provide full details on the policy regarding accepting concession bus passes for cross border journeys and the restrictions and where concession bus pass holders can travel to and from on both sides of the border (i would like details for the policy of concession bus passes issued by councils in Scotland and for those issued by councils in England as well).

Full response and associated documentation available at:

Published Date 22 Mar 2019 Subject