Information regarding snow gates: EIR release

Information requested

I am looking to establish when we might experience weather conditions which disrupt road travel on a particular route.

The route can be found here and I’ve pasted an image below too.

Its Dundonnell to Glasgow (A832, A835, A9, M9, M80). I’m particularly interested in the route between Dundonnell and Inverness, where I expect conditions would be worse.

Can you please confirm what information can you provide in this respect?

Also, some specific questions:

1. I believe there are 4 x operational snow gates on this route as per table below – can you please confirm this (and let me know if I have missed any)?

2. I would like to know how often and for how long each of these gates has been closed, say based on the last 10 years (or more if readily available). Can you please confirm?

3. Is there any other information you can provide which would help me establish the risk of adverse impact to road travel on this route, for both light and heavy vehicles?

4. Are there any significant road closures currently planned for this route? If so please provide details.

You clarified your request on 16 September follows:

If the search could focus on the entire Dundonnell to Glasgow route.

With respect to weather conditions that cause disruption, this could include snow lying on the route, flooding on the route, effectively, any conditions that could close a section of the route or render it impassable.

With regards to Q3, this could include: How thoroughly the route is gritted? eg. Is there a stretch of the route that is more susceptible to icing due to infrequent road treatment?

Does any stretch of the road have history of being closed to high sided vehicles during high winds? Eg. The Kessoch Bridge.

Have any stretches of the road been impacted by landslides that could lead to closures?

With regards to Q4, are there currently any planned closures for the next decade?

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Published Date 27 Oct 2021 Subject Mode of transport