Information relating to A9 and A99: EIR release

Information requested

I am requesting the following information regarding the A9 road stretching from Wick (Caithness) to Inverness. I would like this information to date back to 2015, if this is possible.

1. How many accidents has there been? Including serious/fatal.

2. How many road users (if possible) use this stretch of road? If there is an average at all? This number I’m sure has significantly increased given the NC500 is now in full swing.

3. How many times has the snow gates had to be used?

4. How many times has the roads been restricted due to road works?

5. How many farms are on the stretches of each road?

You clarified this request with the following information -

  • A9 Raigmore Junction to Thurso
  • A99 Latheron to Wick
  • 2015/2016/2017/2018/2019/2020 and ongoing 2021 information if possible Including how many cyclist users on the road recorded? As well as how many farms are on the stretches of each road?

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Published Date 10 Nov 2021 Subject Mode of transport