Information relating to accidents on A90 Drumlithie junction: EIR release

Information requested

With regard to the A90 Drumlithie Junction and the following news article

1. Please supply a copy of the papers for (reports, risk assessments, cost benefit analysis etc) and the minutes of the meeting quoted in the article where the conclusion was that no engineering work is required.

2. Bear Scotland undertook a week long video survey of the junction in 2019. I had been told it captured a number of “near miss” events. Please supply the conclusions from this survey and explain how they were incorporated in the decision not to undertake engineering work.

3. How was the conclusion that no engineering measures were necessary reached given your current road safety strategy and the aim to reduce risk?

4. Please explain why driver confusion is believed to be an issue and why is there a focus on improvements for HGVs at the junction when the casualties at the junction have all been in cars.

5. Please supply details of the works being considered.

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Published Date 11 May 2021 Subject Mode of transport Topic