Inspection defect summary report, A737 Bypass Road, Beith: EIR release

We would be obliged if you would provide us with the following informationon in relation to the A737 Bypass Road, Beith, at a point just past the BP garage.

  1. Has the roadway been adopted for maintenance by the Transport Scotland/Scotland Transerv and was it so adopted on 15th November 2015?
  2. Have steps been taken to comply with the Code of Practice for Highway Maintenance Management "Delivering Best Value in Highway Maintenance 2001" and/or "Well Maintained Highways Code of Practice 2005"? In particular has Transport Scotland/Scotland Transerv formally adopted the recommendations of the Code? Please let us have all relevant documentation.
  3. Please provide a copy of your Highway Management Plan.
  4. In terms of your policy, what is the frequency of inspection for the accident locus, and how is the inspection to be carried out? eg. On foot or drive-by.
  5. In terms of your policy, what kind of road/footway defects are considered to be hazardous?
  6. Please let us have the inspection and maintenance records for the accident locus for the period 15th November 2015 to date. In addition may we have sight of the repairs and job records for the accident locus for the period 15th November 2015 to date.
  7. Please let us have details of any road opening orders, work carried out and by which company on the footpaths/roadways by utilities/contractors for the period 15th November 2017 to date together with a copy of the contract in relation to the job/project, including dates as to when the work started and thereafter completed.

We issued a clarification on 4 July asking you to confirm the location and date range of your request. To which you clarified on 16 August; 'At present, the exact locus is described as on the A737 100ms south of B777. With regard to point 7, it should read from 15th November 2015 to date.'

Full response and associated documentation available at:

Published Date 21 Sep 2017 Subject