Installation of LED Luminaires: EIR release

1. We wish to know a) the specific numerical Kelvin (K) colour temperature and lumens brightness scale value of the LED luminaires installed this week to illuminate the A75 within Springholm and b) the specific numerical lumens brightness scale value of the lights these have just replaced.

2. We wish to know to what extent Transport Scotland factored in the emitted light intensity,  height, proximity and angle of the LED luminaires in relation to adjacent or opposing habitable rooms of kerbside homes and of their adjacent roadside curtilage.

3. We wish to see a copy of the environmental impact review that we have been advised was undertaken before selection and deployment of these LED luminaires.

4. We wish to know what adjacent private property light trespass surveys, if any, Transport Scotland are prepared to undertake and where complaints of light trespass are submitted and agreed what mitigations including, but not limited to, shading, light beam angle realignment or programmed dimming during the hours when pedestrians are not normally present, are potentially available from Transport Scotland to limit or otherwise reduce the light trespass in question.

5. We wish to know what applicable community/householder consultation policy, if any, exists or is in development that affords or would afford prior consultation before the decision is finally made to install a specific type, location, height, angle or particular lumens value/K value intensity luminaire within the zone of potential light trespass to adjacent property which is not controlled by Transport Scotland.

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Published Date 22 Oct 2019 Subject Mode of transport