Journey times, transport integration and strategy for easing motorway congestion: EIR release

“Please can you send me your Latest Strategy Paper for easing the daily congestion on the M8, M80, M73, M74, M90 & A720. I am looking for information on: -

  1. What are your strategic plans to keep traffic flowing over the next 3 years (i.e. not the reactive work you do responding to incidents etc). Specifically what is the strategy other than more road building? How will you measure performance against this strategy?
  2. What journey times do you monitor currently, and what are the actual and target journey times currently being achieved.
  3. How do you integrate with operators of (a) trains; (b) buses; and (c) lift share operators”.

Full response and associated documentation available at:

Published Date 17 Dec 2018 Mode of transport Topic