Kirkoswald Village carriageway gullies removal financial cost: EIR release

You asked: "Transport Scotland commissioned their provider Transerv to carry out work in fiscal year 2019/20 at the South entrance/exit to Kirkoswald Village in South Ayrshire. Specifically the information I’d like to request is the sum agreed and the sum spent (should they be different) for the removal of the carriageway gullies within the boundaries of the village which were set back into the paved area and replaced with side-entry gullies. This work began in June 2019. The work began with Transerv staff but was concluded and/or repaired by Transport Scotland staff in late-December 2019. Could the request also outline the financial clawback or other arrangement around that with respect to the fee for the originally contracted work."

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Published Date 17 Feb 2020 Subject Mode of transport Topic