Land adjacent Swallow Roundabout, Dundee and Dykes of Gray development correspondence: EIR release

You asked for – “All and any correspondence, including all and any documents, notes, daybooks, diary entries, minutes and emails whether held electronically or otherwise relating to or in respect of the land adjacent to Swallow Roundabout, Dundee (including all and any such correspondence relating to the potential compulsory purchase of such land) among and between Transport Scotland, and in particular Dundee City Council, the Council’s Roads Department, the Council’s Planning Department and Springfield Homes and all and any of their respective, officials, officers, councillors, directors and agents and also any other third party developer who previously expressed an interest in developing the land now benefiting from the said permissions.”

On 13 February you clarified and asked an additional 2 questions –

“• any correspondence or meeting notes regarding discussions to increase the number of units permitted at the Dykes of Gray development prior to the completion of the upgrade of the Swallow Roundabout. The development is also called the Western Gateway.

• detailed terms agreed by Transport Scotland and Springfield Homes relating to the conditions attached to the Dykes of Gray/Western Gateway planning permissions. The planning conditions are:-

 “6. Development shall not commence until an appropriate mechanism for the upgrading of the A90 Swallow Roundabout, generally as illustrated on Arup Drawing 233958-00 Figure 1, has been submitted to and agreed in writing by the Planning Authority in consultation with Transport Scotland. The works shall thereafter be implemented in full accordance with the agreed details.

7. Prior to the commencement of development on site, full details including the timescales for implementation of the proposed improvements and findings set out in the approved Transport Assessment (REP/001 Rev A 1 October 2014) shall be agreed in writing with the Council and thereafter implemented in full accordance with the agreed details.”

Full response and associated documentation available at:

Published Date 9 Mar 2020