Landscape planting works for the M73/M74/M8, programme, costs and monitoring: EIR release

1.0. What is the value of the landscape planting works ( trees , shrubs and grass areas ) for the M73/M74/M8 roadworks contract ?

2.0. What proportion of the works have been signed off as completed and paid for as of October 31st 2018 ?

3.0. What is the procedure for monitoring the standard of the landscape planting works and the number of supervisory staff carrying out these operations ?

4.0. What is the current programme for completion of the topsoiling /seeding /fencing works around the associated landscape areas along the A721, M73 , M74 and M8 roadside areas ?

5.0. What are the names of the suppliers and growers who are providing plants including trees, shrubs etc?

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