Landslide mitigation works and contract: EIR release

You asked for the following:

"1. I asked who in contracts is responsible for the BEAR Scotland contract. My understanding of Treasury rules is if there is a significant change in the terms or scope of a contract then the whole contract should be reappraised. BEAR Scotland were contracted as a road maintenance company to deal with tarmac, crash barriers and signage repairs. The move to nets and pits is serious civil engineering for which I do not think they were competent.

"2. I asked who is the engineer responsible for BS and in particular the A83, I know who is in post now but am interested in who was in post when the ideas for nets and pits was hatched. I am informed by one of my local councillors that BEAR Scotland was instructed by Transport Scotland to carry out work as directed if this is true then the initial engineering decisions were taken and documented by TS.

"3. While my later comments were not strictly part of my initial FOI request I do not see why they cannot be answered. I mean in terms of actual and projected amounts of money spent and scheduled to be spent. A statement "will be included in costings of future term maintenance contracts" Does not cut it."

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Published Date 6 Nov 2020 Subject Mode of transport