LED lighting spend and High Mast Lighting replacement: EIR release

Information on an FOI basis on Scotland Transerv and how they are procuring their Street Lighting LED Lanterns as I believe they are not getting best value and not carrying out an open tender process whilst spending Public Money given to them by Transport Scotland.

Question –

1. Please provide details on all Scotland Transerv spending on LED lighting and tenders they have put out and number of tenders received in.

2. High Mast Lighting M8 – tenders received by Scotland Transerv and costs on LED lighting on recent award in 2017.

3. How are Transport Scotland ensuring that Transerv are carrying out open tender process and not specifying a product that is costing the Tax payer more money than required?

4. We have been able to show best value on LED lighting to Transerv but they are refusing to talk to or use our products on site, how can they be allowed by Transport Scotland to operate this way?

To which you clarified on 15 January and 22 January (our numbering).

5. I would like to know how much Transerv are/have spent on LED lighting since the LED upgrades, why they are specifically giving tenders to either CU Phosco or Philips and why there is no open tender policy with them.

6. Time scale on when they have been operating the South West Network.

7. I would also like to know how Scotland Transport monitors how Transerv are spending Public Money and how they monitor whether or not they are getting best value.

8. New Installations – Public Tax Payers Money – Costs spent in buying LEDs in new upgrades by Scotland Transerv.

9. Why are Scotland Transerv specifically specifying and buying from 2 manufacturers when others can offer better value and costs on Highmast lighting.

10. Recent Highmast tender – how many tenders were submitted and how many were assessed by Scotland Transerv – we submitted prices to Lightways and believe we were not even considered – how can this be best value for the tax payer.

11. The lighting engineers in Scotland Transerv seem to favour and use only 2 manufacturers for upgrades at a higher cost off Public Money – how do Scotaldn Transport monitor the spend and ensure that the Trunk Road Operators in general are getting best value on the Network.

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Published Date 19 Feb 2018 Subject Mode of transport