Loganair contracts or agreements due to COVID-19: FOI release

Information requested

1. Details of any contracts or agreements in place between the Scottish Government and airline service provider “Loganair” - particularly any alterations/amendments/reviews in light of the COVID 19 situation from Feb 2020 onwards, as well as associated correspondence (recent, from Jan 1st 2020).

2. Any communications or correspondence between, or on behalf of the Scottish Government or any of its ministers and any employee, CEO, or persons with significant control or interest in Loganair from Jan 1st 2020.
Clarified as correspondence relating to financial assistance given to Loganair in the wake of the Covid-19 public health crisis.

3. Details of any sums of money paid to Loganair, by the Scottish government, in way of state aid, financial grants, amendments to existing contract(s) or similar made since the 1st Jan 2020.

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Published Date 27 Jul 2020 Subject Mode of transport Topic