M74 noise levels and Scottish Government guidelines: EIR release

I am aware of work undertaken last year regarding M74 noise levels and there was no difficulty in having the tests carried out and written up. I find it most odd indeed that it will take until May 2019 to have this work completed. Is there any explanation for this? Also can I have a copy of the results when available.

Whilst the noise in the pre M74 upgrade Env Report was rounded down to 60 decibels the actual level was 61.9 decibels. This is almost 7 decibels over approved Scottish Government levels and almost 12 decibels over NLC’s guidelines regarding same. Is it still the case that,

1. The Scottish Government’s guidelines for acceptable noise levels of this type is 55 decibels


2. That 61.9 decibels exceeds the tolerance levels permitted by the Scottish Government guidelines on noise?

Full response and associated documentation available at:

Published Date 25 Mar 2019 Subject Mode of transport