M8, M73 and M74 Motorway Improvements Project: FOI release (3 Aug 2017)

  1. Was lighting along the entire stretch of M74 which was previously lit included in the original improvement plan?
  2. If lighting was not planned why was this the case?
  3. If the length of carriageway to be lit after the improvements was reduced from that originally planned A why was this decision taken, B when was it taken, C who made the decision D who authorised & endorsed the decision E what health & safety and what road design qualifications did the authorising person have at the time the decision was taken?
  4. Please provide me with the risk assessment relating to lighting on the carriage and detail how this informed the decision not to provide lighting.
  5. Was a risk assessment undertaken with regards artificial lighting from sources near to the M74 given the increased sources of this since the M74 was first lit and given that a great number of trees that provided shielding from this distracting lighting were cut down during the improvements?
  6. What is the increase in accidents expected in Scotland for this type of road should lighting be not be provided compared to providing lighting?
  7. What financial figure does Transport Scotland use to prevent loss of life e.g. what £ value is a life worth for investment decisions?
  8. What is the projected increase in fatal accidents and all accidents predicted on the previously lit stretch of M74 that is now unlit due to lighting not being provided and what assumptions have been made in arriving at this figure?
  9. How many complaints have been received by your organisation regarding the reduction in lighting on the M74? I would be grateful if you could send me this figure for each month from now on until otherwise advised as I will be interested to see how the travelling public feel about the situation as we enter autumn and winter and people experience motorway commuting in the dark where there used to be light.
  10. Why did the M74 improvement overrun by 2 months?

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Published Date 3 Aug 2017 Subject Projects Mode of transport