M8 M73 M74 Improvements Project: EIR release

We act on behalf of a client of Accident Exchange to recover uninsured losses arising out of a road traffic accident on 19 January 2016 when she was joining the M73 southbound from the M8 at Ballieston. She was driving in the offside lane of the slip road and suffered a collision with a lorry driving in the nearside lane of the M73 at approximately the point where the roads merged.

• Please confirm whether and when the road markings changed to introduce chevrons between the two lanes of the slip road with traffic in the right-hand lane joining the M8 first and having to cross broken white give way markings to do so.
• Please confirm that prior to that date traffic traffic on the slip road merged into a single lane becoming the left-hand lane of three on the M73 southbound without any need to give way to traffic on the motorway.

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Published Date 4 Oct 2018 Subject Projects Mode of transport