M80 slip road safey concern: EIR release

You asked  ‘On my commute home this evening there was yet another collision on the overhead part of the Hornshill Junction of the M80. There have been a large number of accidents at the same part of this overhead roundabout which have included fatalities. Given test these are happening between the M80 off ramp and the road to Stepps (A806) has any analysis been carried out as to what is causing these?? As someone who uses this road daily there is an inherent design flaw in the roundabout. When coming off the M80 (heading towards Glasgow) and selecting the left hand lane at the Give Way it is very difficult to see traffic approaching from the left which makes it difficult to safely join the flow of traffic. I trust that Transport Scotland would be concerned at the number of accidents at this junction and I would be grateful for any and all information which relates to your organisations attempts to understand the issues and what solutions are (or have been) considered?’

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Published Date 16 Dec 2019 Subject Mode of transport