Number of incidents on the A90: EIR release

I have read the information about the cameras for the A90, along with claims that the use of cameras on the A9 and A77 have seen reductions in accident rates, but nothing to suggest any considerations has been put into the differences in the roads involved.

I believe that according to Scottish Govt figures, exceeding the speed limit is a contributory factor in only 2% of accidents.

I am formally requesting what information you hold on the number of accidents on the A90 of which "exceeding the speed limit" is a contributory factor, and the equivalent figures for all contributory factors.


  1. How many collisions and incidents have there been on the A90 on the stretches which will now be covered by average speed cameras, broken down by year for the last five years. Please provide a breakdown of the number of both injuries and fatalities for each year.
  2. Please provide a breakdown of the contributory factors in the incidents, by all of the factors for which you hold information. For example, a non-exhaustive list might include; vehicle exceeding the speed limit, vehicle traveling too fast for conditions (while not necessarily exceeding the speed limit), driver failed to judge path of approaching vehicle, driver not paying due care and attention, driver distracted, road condition poor, road design poor, following too closely, driver using mobile device, driver under influence of alcohol / drugs etc.
  3. Please also provide a breakdown of the number of vehicle miles on the aforementioned stretches for each year, or, if this is not available, whether vehicle numbers have increased or decreased during that time, and by what percentage. If this is an estimated figure, please provide details as to how the figure was estimated.
  4. While we all agree that we want safer roads, the information provided on your website does not provide the details required to ensure that the decision to move to average speed cameras, rather than improving the road or reducing other factors, is based on statistical evidence, suggesting that other courses of action would be more beneficial - I.e. would save more lives.
  5. I would like to know if the cameras will be 'smart' enough to enforce the varying speed limits which exist for different types of vehicles on dual carriageways, and whether the cameras will be able to identify other forms of dangerous driving, such as following too close, 'undertaking', using a mobile phone while driving.
  6. The A90Info page also claims that drivers will see the benefits of 'fewer fines, more reliable journeys and less stress'.

I would like to see the evidence to support the claim of less stress, as I am unaware of any research that has been carried out on this, and, while unscientific and not statistically significant, i am unaware of any driver who finds travelling within average speed camera zones less stressful than travelling on roads with a visible presence of police traffic professionals.

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Published Date 22 Nov 2017 Subject Mode of transport