Opening dates, costs and contractors for specified A9 road schemes: EIR release

Schemes, opening dates, costs and contractors for A9 Killiecrankie to Calvine, Perth Western Bypass, Broomhill to Logie Easter, Logie Easter to Garrick Bridge and Greenloaning to Dunblane.

“Thank you very much for finding and providing the information to me. It has helped filled gaps in the Knowledge and your contributions will be noted.  

I have found some schemes that I do not have information for and I would greatly appreciate the information being provided.  

  • A9 Killiecrankie to Calvine Stage 1
  • A9 Perth Western Bypass
  • A9 Broomhill to Logie Easter
  • A9 Logie Easter to Garrick bridge
  • A9 Greenloaning to Dunblane

 All these schemes are stretches of new road except Greenloaning to Dunblane which was online upgrading from single to dual carriageway standard.”

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Published Date 28 May 2019 Subject Mode of transport